Copywriting 101 - Top Tips for Creating Great Copy Top Tips for Creating Great Copy

Good copy is vital when you’re running a business. Why? Because it’s what tells your customers about you. It carries your voice, your brand, and your identity. It tells people what you do and why they need you. 

The ultimate goal of your copy is to get people to want to buy your product or service, and so it has to be right. 

There are many dos and don’ts when it comes to nailing your copy, but don’t be daunted, with a little guidance, you can create killer copy that converts. 

Read on to discover our top tips to creating outstanding copy that will get your brand noticed, create more leads and ultimately, boost your profits.  

Top Copywriting Tips

So, let’s take a look at the basics and explore what makes good copy, and what’s going to help you get more leads. 


Copy that’s full of spelling mistakes and glaringly obvious grammatical errors doesn’t give a very good impression of you or your business. Research shows that 59% of customers would not buy from a company that made obvious spelling or grammar mistakes.  If spelling isn’t your thing, hire a professional proofreader to check it over for you before it’s published or goes live. Although your copy needs to be spelt correctly, don’t worry too much about the formal rules of writing in your copy, copywriting for marketing purposes can be a little more lax with the rules, if it makes it more snappy and appealing. For example, most people are taught at school that you should never start a sentence with ‘And’, but this goes out of the window with marketing copy, as sometimes the most effective way to start a new sentence is with that word! 


Get to the point. Your audience doesn’t want to read lines and lines of text to find out what you’re talking about. You need to be concise with your point and don’t waffle. It helps to think about what your key points are before you start writing. Consider what it is you want to say, and work out the simplest way to say it. 

Some stats* which show why being concise is vital: 

  • 73% of readers don’t bother reading full content
  • 47% of people base their decision to open an email based on the subject line copy alone
  • Most site visitors only read 20% of an entire webpage


Your copy is there to entice people, so don’t be boring! Draw attention with eye-catching copy that piques their interest, intrigues them, makes them laugh, and makes them want to act. Even if your subject is boring, you can be creative with what you write and make your audience want to engage. Put some consideration into how you can make it interesting. There are no limits when it comes to copywriting – that’s the joy of it!

Think about who you’re writing for

Hopefully, you’ve already done some work on your target audience and you know who you’re aiming your marketing efforts at. Keep them in mind when you’re creating your copy and write as if you’re talking directly to them. Think about their age, gender, location, interests, pain points etc, and make sure that your copy is tailored to them and will help them with their particular needs and requirements. Also note that conversational copy is more appealing – write like you speak. 

What kind of copy do you want?

There are lots of different forms of copy and content that businesses can use to market to, and communicate with, their audience. You need to think about which ones are right for you. Some forms include: 

  • Web copy – this can be a little longer and include more information such as ‘About Us’, ‘Services’, ‘Contact Us’ and ‘Testimonials’. It’s normally the first place people will go to find out more about your business. 
  • Social copy – this can be across any social media platform you’re signed up to, and you can explore it more when you create your social media strategy
  • Blog copy – this is usually long-form copy and on a particular subject. Blogs are intended to inform your audience and engage them. For help with blog writing, your can always hire a professional copywriter who will have lots of good suggestions of blog ideas and will be experienced and skilled in writing them for you. 

A helping hand

If you need a little more help with copywriting, there are lots of options around to help. AI is a hot topic at the moment and there are several AI solutions that offer copywriting services, such as ChatGPT, Jasper and SurferSEO. Many of these will also help you with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and keywords. And of course, if you need any other help, you can always contact a professional copywriter like me who will do it all for you! 

Hopefully you now know a little more about why copywriting is so important and some of the differences between good and bad copy. For more help with copywriting, or for anything else marketing-related, please contact us today to book a strategy call. 


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