email and sms

email and sms

Email and SMS are easy to implement, but essential marketing tactics for all businesses. With the rise of tracking blockades on PPC campaigns driven by things like IOS14, it’s never been more important to adopt an omnichannel marketing strategy.

But what are the benefits of email and SMS marketing in real terms?

• Keep front of mind with your existing customers and fight away your competition

• Encourage brand loyalty, repeat purchases, increase your customers lifetime value

• Bolster your efforts in paid advertising with the support of an automated, back-end follow up systems designed to increase ROI

• Create a sales and marketing machine that encourages client retention for years to come

• Keep your customers up to date with service and product news

• Deliver personalised content based on your customer’s purchase and online activity

We have helped our clients achieve results including:

• Consistently above industry-standard average CTR and open rates

• New and recurring revenue sources using automation and weekly email and SMS campaigns

• 176% email database growth

• 68k revenue from email marketing

From email design to automation and SMS campaign building, our comprehensive service delivers. Get in touch to discuss a strategy for your business today!


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