facebook advertising

facebook advertising

Facebook advertising presents a huge area of opportunity for businesses to get their brand out there. With around 2.7 billion people worldwide using Facebook, this form of advertising is a perfect starting point for testing out digital marketing strategies.

For both B2B and B2C campaigns, Facebook advertising is a fantastic marketing tool, affording enormous ‘prospect-attracting’ potential. It provides a highly-targeted, effective medium for driving awareness of your brand, connecting with potential customers and most importantly, generating leads and sales.

But, it can be complicated and to really get the most out of Facebook advertising, it’s best to get a little clued up before you make a start. There is lots to learn, for example, how do you get your core messaging right? What makes a good ad headline? And how do you launch effectively? How do you know what placements and campaign objectives to use?

Never fear. Here at 3twelve we are extremely experienced in creating, running and managing Facebook advertising campaigns. Our expert service includes:

  • Customer persona creation
  • Creation of core solution messaging to ensure effective copy
  • Funnel blueprint and set-up
  • Advice on landing pages to make sure they’re optimised for conversions
  • Creative ad concepts
  • Optimisation and recommendations throughout the campaign process
  • Monthly reporting

Would you like to know more about how we manage Facebook ad campaigns for businesses? Results we’ve achieved for clients include:

For detailed and easy-to-follow help with setting up Facebook ads, why not download our comprehensive Facebook Ads Guide from our home page? Or, if you’d like to have a review of your Ad Account, click here to arrange a free 30-minute audit call. In the meantime, why not take a look at our two-part blog all about how to get started with Facebook Advertising here and here.


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