How to build an email marketing list How To Build An Email Marketing List

No marketing strategy is complete without a targeted email marketing contact list. If you haven’t built one yet, it’s time to get started! This guide will give you some key information that will help you on your way:

1. Offer a subscriber incentive

Offering an incentive or bonus content is really effective in getting people to subscribe to your newsletter or mailing list (which will allow you to take their email address to market back to). For example, you could offer people a discount on your online store if they subscribe or a freebie piece of value-driven content. By doing this, you are giving people a reason to sign up for your email marketing communications, which provides you with a huge opportunity to get more customers!

2. Have more than one place where people can subscribe to your marketing emails

Give people plenty of opportunities to see your email marketing sign-up calls to action (CTAs) by popping one in a few different places on your website. Some good locations to consider are:

● Contact page – adding a tick box to sign up for your email marketing as part of your contact form process
● Homepage – adding a pop-up form which appears a few seconds after people land on your website
● Landing pages – specifically designed lead-generation landing pages where targetted traffic is being driven to – i.e. from organic traffic, Google or Facebook Ad campaigns
● Blog page – CTAs to sign up for more content directly landing in the user inbox as it is released

3. Utilise your social media pages

Social media is a useful way to interact with your audience and get more email sign-ups, allowing you to mention your subscriber incentives regularly. You could also use your email marketing CTA as part of a competition or incentive on your social channels, for example, ‘subscribe to our email list and be automatically entered in our monthly prize draw!’ Also, consider adding your email signup CTA’s to bios where possible.

4. Send out segmented emails

You can target your marketing emails to specific consumer groups by sending campaigns to segmented lists. Segmenting your email marketing list into groups based on user behaviours (e.g., purchased previously, visited your website in the past 90 days but not purchased) will allow you to create and deliver more timely and relevant campaigns personalized to the user. What’s the benefit? This will improve your click-through rate (as the content will be more applicable to the person receiving the email, making them more likely to open it) and will aid deliverability in the long run as your email list email service providers will see they open your emails regularly, stopping them from going into spam.

5. Don’t overdo the info requests

Limit the amount of information you ask from people to sign up for your email marketing list. Keep it simple – name, email address and phone number. People are more likely to sign up if you only ask for a few details, improving your chances of getting new subscribers. Asking for too much will put people off as they might not have the time to fill in the form or be wary of giving away too much personal info.

6. Monitor, tweak and refresh

Your email marketing efforts should be continually monitored – keep an eye on open rates, click-through rates, unsubscribes, purchases and other key metrics and compare them monthly to see what’s working and what isn’t.

We hope you find these tips useful and that they set you well on your way to building and keeping a solid email marketing list. If you need more information or would like to arrange a free 1-hour email marketing strategy call with us, please book here.

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