How To Create Engaging Short-form Video How To Create Engaging Short Form Video

Social media is full of short-form video content right now, with platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat all full of it; short-form video is definitely a big trend that brands need to get on board with. 

The popularity of short-form videos is undeniable. Recent research found that 73% of consumers prefer to watch short-form videos to learn about a service or product.

What is a short-form video? 

Put simply, short-form video is video content that lasts between nine and ninety seconds long. The point of it being short is that it’s easy to watch and digest in today’s busy and ever-scrolling world. Examples include YouTube Shorts, TikTok videos and Instagram Reels and Stories, all of which are becoming increasingly popular. 

So why is short-form video so popular? 

The stats speak for themselves: 91% of Instagram users said they watch videos every day, and YouTube Shorts get 30 billion daily views. But why? 

People like it because: 

  • It’s viewable when you’re on the move
  • It’s simple and cheap to make and share
  • Social media algorithms push content that users will like, with video being one of the most popular forms of media cross-platform

Another reason for the explosion of the short-form video trend is that most platforms that support it are free to use. Relying on advertising rather than subscription, these platforms allow anyone to download and use them right away for nothing. That kind of accessibility broadens the audience significantly.

Top tips for using short-form video content for your social media marketing campaigns

Want to get involved with the short-form video marketing trend? Make sure you’re on the right path with these top tips.

#1 Follow the trends

Pay attention to what kind of video content is popular right now. Scour social media and see what others are doing. If there’s a trend that everyone’s jumping on board with and it’s proving popular with audiences, try it out in your video content too! 

#2 Spark your audience’s interest

With so many videos out there, you need to ensure that yours stands out. You need to hook the audience with something that will make them stop scrolling and take the time to watch your video. Then, the video itself needs to be punchy enough to encourage the viewer to do what you want them to do, whether that be make a purchase, subscribe or head to your website. The thing with short form is that it’s precisely that – short – so you only have a few seconds to get your message across. 

#3 Don’t make your video too long

The most effective short-form videos are less than a minute long, so don’t be tempted to go too much longer. If you do, you’re running the risk of losing the interest of your audience. Short and sweet is the key to short form. 

Take a look at these breakdowns to see the optimum video lengths for each platform: 

  • YouTube Shorts: 15 – 60 seconds
  • Instagram: 7 – 15 seconds
  • TikTok: 11 – 17 seconds
  • Snapchat Spotlight: 5 – 60 seconds

#4 Show off your products

Short-form videos are perfect for showing off your product or service. Video demonstrations of how your product works or showing the results of using your product or service are really effective ways of piquing your audience’s interest and showing them precisely what it is you have to offer. You can also get existing customers to send you videos of them using your products to act as testimonials. All of this makes excellent, value-driven content. 

#5 Be accessible

It’s essential to make sure that everyone can access your short-form video content. Ensure that any text or audio in your video is optimised for people who might have trouble with their hearing or sight. Consider adding text overlays or captions or any other visual cues to help viewers understand what’s going on. You should also make sure your audio is of high quality so that it can be heard clearly.

#6 Don’t forget your call-to-action (CTA)

Your short-form video must have a clear CTA so your viewers know exactly what to do next. This might be subscribing, heading to your website or making a purchase. Whatever your CTA is, make sure it’s clear, concise and error-free. 

What can you do if you’re really stuck on time? 

Creating short-form video content doesn’t have to take a long time. There are plenty of ways to help if you, like most people, are time-poor. 

Recycle content – this is a great time-saver. You’ve probably already got lots of video content that you can simply cut down and reuse. Why make extra work for yourself if you don’t need to? 

Draw up a video content schedule – Try and plan your video content in advance and film everything in one go. That way, you’ve done all your filming, and all you have to do is edit and tweak. By earmarking a block of time in your diary to get all your filming done, you don’t need to be scrabbling around for ten minutes every other day to film. It’s all ready and waiting for you. 

Use a scheduling tool – scheduling social media content is always an absolute must for busy people. Scheduling all your short-form video content in advance will make it easier for you to structure your videos correctly, think about when they’re going out, and give you the time to sit back and relax, knowing that your social media video content is covered. 

Tools that can help you create short-form videos

Don’t worry; you don’t have to have a degree in filmmaking to create a compelling and professional-looking short-form video; there are plenty of fantastic tools around to help you. In our opinion, the top three tools are:

Get started on your short-form video journey

So there you have it. Now you know what short-form video is, why it’s so popular and how to do it effectively for your business. Remember, creating engaging short-form video content doesn’t have to be a huge, time-consuming or expensive task. But if you’re stuck for ideas or need help executing video into your content strategy, please book a 30-minute strategy meeting with Sophie here.

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