How to Get More Leads from your Facebook Campaigns with Effective Ad Headlines How to Get More Leads from your Facebook Campaigns with Effective Ad Headlines

Excellent ad copy is like the shop window of your business. It’s what grabs the attention of your potential customer and tempts them to find out more about your product or service.

Effective Facebook ads entice the customer into your metaphorical shop. And so you need to make sure people want to click and engage with what you’re saying. How do you do that? A brilliant, impossible to resist headline of course!

Never fancied yourself as a Fleet Street-esque headline writer? Never fear, we’ve rounded up some top tips that you can use to make sure your ad headlines grab plenty of attention every time.

Make sure it solves a pain point.

If someone who sees your headline thinks that you will be able to help them solve one of their problems, they are likely to click on your ad to find out more. That’s why you need to make it clear in your headline what you can do for them and what problems your product or service can help with.

Include solid keywords. 

Wishy-washy ad headlines do nothing for your business. A good, strong headline needs to include well-researched, relevant keywords that tell your audiences precisely what’s going on, and ensure that people searching for your type of business find you.

Don’t overcomplicate things. 

Keep the language you use simple. Avoid jargon or specialist buzzwords that run the risk of alienating your audience and potentially overwhelming them. Headlines need to be easy to understand, accessible and ultimately, clickable.

No sloppy spelling or grammar mistakes.

There’s no excuse for bad English! Bad spelling and grammar exude unprofessionalism and prospects will struggle to have faith in your ability as a business if they can’t even trust you to spell your ad copy correctly.

Focus on the benefits. 

Imagine the person reading it is asking the question ‘what’s in it for me?’ The job of your ad and headline copy is to answer it. Simple as that.

Push your USP.

Think about what sets you apart from your rivals – your unique selling proposition – and include it in your headline, if you can. It should be the thing that is most unique about your offering and what makes people want to choose you over the competition.

 Get inspiration from your competitors. 

A bit of spying never hurt anyone! Keeping an eye on what other businesses are doing and how they are doing it is great market research. Take note of the good ideas that are working for them in their Facebook ad headlines and give it a try yourself! Check out Facebook’s Ad Library where you can easily search for businesses similar to yours and see what ads they’re running too.

Make a commitment. 

Be clear about what you’re offering and make a promise to deliver it. By making guarantees like this, you are giving your potential customer trust in you and the confidence that you will follow through on that promise. (But make sure you do follow through!)

Let us help you!

So there you go, by taking these steps, you can craft well-structured, relevant and attention-grabbing ad headlines that will make sure you get the right customers clicking on your ads. But, if you would like more help with your Facebook advertising strategy, please contact 3twelve and arrange a free 30-minute strategy call.


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