Innovative E-commerce Marketing Ideas Innovative Ecommerce Marketing Ideas

Over the last two years, we have seen huge changes in the way customers engage with brands. Pre-pandemic there was already a sizable shift towards e-commerce versus face to face sales, but with lockdowns aplenty and working from home becoming the new normal businesses have adapted to a vast amount, if not all of their revenue coming from their e-commerce businesses.

With more customers driven online, this has created a huge demand for digital advertising space and as demand increases so do costs. Current data privacy regulations have created more challenges for marketers to reach their target customers and retain current ones. But with challenges, must come solutions. There are always new and innovative ways to grow your business if you think outside the box!

Innovative E-commerce Marketing Ideas

Gaining new customers

Joining forces with brands and ambassadors that are already successfully hitting the marketing mark will help boost your visibility. Pair with affiliates with similar customer profiles so that your target audience is right in front of you. Collaborating with another brand on a promotion or prize is a great way to build your database especially through social media. If you’re on a small budget, podcasts will often work with you on a commission basis.

Referrals, referrals, referrals! Recommendations from your current customers have never been more important and incentivizing these referrals couldn’t be simpler. Offering a free gift when they make a successful referral, a discount for every positive review or a point system that leads to a grand prize draw entry (more referrals, more entries!) are just a few ideas to get started with. 

We talk more about building your database here.

Innovative E-commerce Marketing Ideas

Engaging current customers 

Know your customer so you can make them feel valued with loyalty programmes, special offers, VIP treatment, early access to promotions and more. Read your analytics and put them to use so you can build a relationship with your current customers through targeted offers and incentives.

Connect your customers with each other. By building online communities you are giving customers the opportunity to share their experiences of your product and services with other customers and potential new customers, again focusing on that referral culture which is so crucial. Start a Facebook group with tips on your product, inviting customers to share their ideas too. Do a live feed on Instagram encouraging conversation between customers in the comment section. Make the customer feel heard and included and they will stay loyal to you.

Following these tips will help you with your marketing strategy in what can only be described as a turbulent time for businesses.  As always, plan ahead and be flexible in your approach.

Innovative E-commerce Marketing Ideas

Finally, some key points to think about whichever direction your marketing journey takes you . . .

Be sensitive to the diversity within your customer base especially if you are serving outside of your own country. Be aware of what is happening around the globe so you do not inadvertently send out the wrong message

Be honest with your customers. We are still in a pandemic and this is affecting businesses in so many ways that are having a knock-on effect on its customers. Keep expectations realistic and always be upfront if you are not able to meet any of these. Frustration builds with lack of communication

We hope you find these tips helpful, and they help you to navigate a clear pathway to marketing success!

If you feel you need more help or would like to arrange a free 1-hour strategy call with us, then please book here at a time that’s convenient for you.  


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