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The sun is finally starting to show its face, the evenings are drawing longer, and the flowers are beginning to blossom and bloom – it must be time to prepare for the all-important spring clean. No, we’re not talking about clearing away the cobwebs in the dining room. We’re talking about your marketing strategy.

Just like your humble abode, your business’s marketing strategy could do with a bit of a spruce up from time to time. Dust off last season’s marketing and plant the seeds for your most significant success yet. Here are 5 handy tips for cleaning up your marketing strategy and making it sparkle for spring and beyond:

Audit your website

Where do your customers go when they want to find out about you, your products and your services? Your website. Although one of a business’s most important marketing tools, websites are often ignored and left to gather dust.

The first step of your marketing spring clean should be to take a thorough look at your website, how it works, and what it looks like. Is it coherent with your brand image? Is it easy to navigate? Are the images of a high quality? Are there any broken links, errors or typos? Has it been updated with exciting content to generate interest?  Now’s the time to make sure your website is up to standard and shows all that your business has to offer.

Audit your social media platforms

Similarly, it’s easy to let your social media presence dwindle. Spring is a great time to evaluate your performance on social media and determine your next steps. Take a look at the social media accounts you currently have set up and assess their performance. Are you posting content on a regular basis? Are you engaging with your customers? Think carefully about which social channels are right for you – is there a new social avenue which would be better suited to your business and its audience? High engagement on two platforms is better than no engagement on many, so choose carefully.

Connect with your customers

When was the last time you spoke to your customers? Email might be considered old-school by some, but it’s an extremely personal and effective platform from which to reach your audience. It’s a golden opportunity to keep their interest – after all, it’s only your content on the page! Send out a well-designed email marketing piece to get back on their radar. Even better, pick up the phone and touch base with your most loyal customers.

Introduce seasonal campaigns, promotions and offers

If you have a business model that would benefit from creating offers, why not create one for spring? Spring is a great time for marketing. People are full to the brim with energy and enthusiasm, and offers and promotions at this time are a great way to get back on your customer’s radar. So, make sure to generate an interesting idea and market it across your channels. You could even utilise the theme of Easter to create a contest or competition which will spark interest and help to build up your email list.

Keep up with SEO

If you want to rank well in search results, your spring clean is the time to put more of an emphasis on SEO. It’s important to remember that SEO isn’t just a one-time thing. Your website needs to be adjusted and updated regularly to keep up with the constant algorithm changes – the keyword phrase you used back in October might not be so useful for you anymore. Make sure you review your strategy and make adjustments as part of your spring clean, and keep on top of it all year round. Spend a little quality time with your website, optimising page titles, URLs, content and more, as well as dedicating an afternoon to competitor keyword research to stay ahead of the game.

We hope our tips will inspire you to grab the duster and polish your marketing strategy to perfection! If you’re unsure about where to go next with your marketing strategy, are short for time to commit to marketing or just need some guidance, feel free to contact us for a free consultation – we’d love to help.

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